Oolong tea is the most complex, flavorful and expensive of the teas. The rarest and most distinguished tea leaves on the planet are used to make oolong teas, like Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) tea and Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess Tea). Despite this, oolong tea has yet to catch on in the west. Indeed, loose leaf tea in general is not popular here.

This site aims to change all that. I hope to make more people familiar with the wondrous oolong teas and introduce them to a whole world beyond the standard black and green teas (and perhaps white).

My name is Leordo and I lived in China for 6 years, studying in university and then working. I am now back home in the US, but I have not abandoned the tea habit I picked up in China. It is a little more difficult to get the high quality oolong teas I love here, but with the internet, you can buy tea online and get pretty much any type you want. I hope to help my readers with finding the tea as well, once I have shown them why they should be trying to find it.

Recently I have even started growing my own tea in a grow tent. It has been going so well, that I will begin growing outside on a much larger scale, once I figure out how to get a security system up and running to ensure the safety and constant surveillance of my tea garden. The security cameras I need are not cheap.

I hope you find something worthwhile here in my little corner of the internet!

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